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Featuring: One of Our AirChime K3 540 Train Horn Kit

Starting at Just $1,594.99

This HornBlasters train horn kit features one of the loudest horns ever made, the AirChime K3LA. The variation of the AirChime K3 is an actual railway-use horn used on many commercial train lines in the USA. If you’ve heard a diesel locomotive barrelling down its tracks and blowing its horn, then more than likely this is the same horn you’ve heard. This kit contains everything you need to install it on any vehicle. An extremely loud train horn that is still in use on real locomotive engines, a five gallon air reservoir to supply lots of air, a Viair 400C compressor pushing 2.54CFM to ensure fast fill rates, and all fittings and accessories needed to ensure stable and long term use!

This is no imitation and should be used with cautionRead More

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